What is ABA?

Applied behavior analysis, or ABA for short, is a scientific approach to replacing problem behaviors with new appropriate behaviors. With positive reinforcement as a primary approach, ABA therapy incorporates the principles of ABA to bring about effective behavior changes in a caring, cooperative, and fun manner. The principles of ABA ground our approach in proven methodologies that have proven successful at adapting negative behaviors into more positive interactions allowing individuals participating in ABA therapy to reach their full potential and interact more readily with their community and peers. 

How Does ABA Therapy Help?

ABA therapy uses proven interventions to bring about positive changes in negative behaviors. Liam’s Chance Behavioral services is committed to using these proven techniques through an individualized approach with you and your child. Over time, we are able to implement ABA interventions to teach your child new behaviors and to teach parents and caregivers ways to understand their child’s behavior more effectively. 

The ultimate goal of ABA therapy is to allow a child (or anyone receiving services) to come into contact with more reinforcement from their environment than they are currently receiving. By opening the doors to new potential through better behaviors, ABA is able to unlock a more positive future for you and your child.

What Should I Expect With Services?

Liam’s Chance approaches each potential client as if they are our only client. We understand that pursuing services for your child is a big step and that open and honest communication is key to positive outcomes. We begin by meeting with you and your child in your home and asking a few basic questions. From there we work with your schedule to provide services at a time that works best for you and your family. 

We want ABA therapy to fit into your life and not to be a burden to work with. We create a preliminary treatment plan based on the needs discussed during the initial assessment. Once services are authorized, we can begin working with your child. 

At the start, we will spend the first few weeks interacting with your child and establishing ourselves as a positive part of their day. This is known in the ABA world as pairing, and it allows us time to observe your child in their comfort setting, to understand their behaviors better, and to create our relationship starting on a positive note. Once your child is accustomed to our therapists being in your home, we begin implementing interventions to bring about changes in your child’s behaviors. 

Using positive reinforcement, natural teaching approaches, discrete teaching methodologies, and incorporating therapy into your child’s regular day, we are able to target behaviors where and when they matter the most. While we work with your child we will also work with you, your family, caregivers, and other members of your child’s treatment team to create a collaborative relationship with the collective goal of helping your child succeed. 

To schedule a consultation or assessment please complete a contact form or reach out to us through the “Contact Us” tab. We look forward to working with you and your family.

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