About Our Clinic

Liam’s Chance Behavioral Services is a clinic located in Front Royal, VA that provides behavioral therapy (ABA) to children in our community. More specifically, we offer a school readiness program serving preschool-aged children with autism. Our program uses Applied Behavior Analysis to reduce dangerous behaviors like aggression and self injury and teach functional communication, social skills, and daily living skills.

We are thrilled to offer daily social groups, where your child is provided with 1:1 support by a behavior technician. Our social groups follow a preschool format that includes circle time, story time, art/sensory activities, interactive games, and snack time. Our program prepares children to enter public school by teaching classroom routines, tolerating transitions, improving social skills, and teaching essential “learning to learn” skills like actively participating in group activities.

In addition to these activities, our students participate in breakout sessions twice per social group. During breakout sessions, our students transition to individual treatment rooms to work 1:1 with their instructor on the goals from their treatment plan that are not addressed in the group environment.


Parents and Caregivers are able to sign forms permitting authorization between the Behavior Analyst and other service providers. We believe strongly that all service providers should communicate and work as a team to provide a holistic approach to treatment.

Our Behavior Analyst communicates and collaborates regularly with your child’s team, including speech therapists (SLP’s), occupational therapists (OT’s), teachers and other school staff, and any other professional who works with your child.

Parents and Caregivers of our students receive caregiver consultation at least twice per month with a Behavior Analyst. During these meetings, they receive instruction on implementation of ABA strategies that decrease undesirable behavior and teach desirable behaviors. The Behavior Analyst also provides consult to parents and caregivers regarding tackling challenges you face with your child.

The Behavior Analyst also reviews your child’s progress with you on an ongoing basis and considers you an essential component of our team.

About ABA

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is a research-based, data-driven approach toward helping people and organizations improve human behavior. ABA is especially applicable to children with autism; assisting them to better communicate, acquire social skills, and develop appropriate behavior.

When receiving ABA, your child’s team collects data on each targeted skill at every session. The Behavior Analyst (BCBA) closely follows your child’s progress and modifies goals and procedures based on their needs. The BCBA meets with caregivers on a regular basis to review progress and provide caregivers with training on how to implement strategies that have proven to be effective with their child during treatment.

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Who We Serve

We primarily serve children with autism and developmental disabilities aged 2 to 5.


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Individual ABA goals are developed and targeted throughout the day to include independent skills, social opportunities, appropriate play skills, and management of challenging behaviors. To request information about the availability of ABA services please click the link below.