ABA Therapy In Manassas, VA

It’s no secret that Manassas, VA is a hidden gem when it comes to being rich in history and things to explore. From it’s quaint Old Town area, to its ice skating rink in the winter months and small town parades, Manassas has something for everyone to enjoy. In addition to its historical charm, Manassas also offers visitors and residents a wealth of modern amenities and services to enjoy year round. With activities, attractions, and its close proximity to everything Northern Virginia, Manassas has something for everyone!

In addition to its ample opportunities for getting out and about, Manassas also offers its residents a wealth of choices in community services and providers. One such service is Liam’s Chance Behavioral Services; a premiere ABA therapy provider in Manassas, VA. With years of experience and local staff members, Liam’s Chance is pleased to be a part of the community of Manassas and the surrounding areas. 

Liam’s Chance brings a fresh new approach to ABA therapy in Manassas by bringing together the proven results of ABA, fun and family involvement. Our team works with your family and community to bring about positive changes in your child’s behavior and growth.

Proven interventions and assessments allow us to use target milestones for your child’s age and current abilities and to focus on their specific needs to make the most out of your child’s sessions. At Liam’s Chance we also encourage our families to become part of the treatment team. By offering family training and in-community outings we work for your child to bring their new behaviors outside of our sessions and into their world. We strive to open up new opportunities for you and your child. 

Working with your child through our in-home ABA services in Manassas, VA we are afforded the freedom to teach in a real life manner and to grow with your child as they unlock their full potential. From teaching skills that help to better prepare your child to learn, to working within your neighborhood and local community, we help your child generalize new learning into the world around them. 

Liam’s Chance is excited for the opportunity to work with you and your child with ABA therapy in Manassas, VA. Complete one of our contact forms and get one step closer to opening new doors and unlocking your child’s potential.