ABA Therapy In Gainesville, VA

Liam’s Chance Behavioral Services is excited to expand our ABA services to Gainesville, VA and the surrounding areas. With a BCBA local to the area, we are accepting new clients and welcoming new families to the world of ABA. Whether you’re looking for a new provider or you and your child are entirely new to the wonderful world of ABA, Liam’s Chance is here for all of your ABA therapy needs in Gainesville, VA. 

Liams Chance is dedicated to helping you and your child learn new ways to interact with your community, environment, and peers. Being local to the area of Gainesville, VA offers our BCBAs and technicians the ability to collaborate with other providers and members of your child’s team. Our familiarity with the Gainesville, VA area combined with its many attractions brings new opportunities for areas of teaching and learning in real world settings allowing new behaviors to be learned in a natural and proven way.

The seasoned team of ABA providers in Gainesville, VA hold true to Liam’s Chance’s ideologies that ABA is a team approach where fun, learning, and growth come together to open up new opportunities for your child and family.

The professionals on our team will work with you and your child to navigate problem behaviors while teaching appropriate replacement behaviors so that your child can reach their full potential. We are open to and experienced in working with other professionals to make sure that our approaches are effective in helping your child in the most collaborative way possible. 

Each child is unique and amazing in their own way. That’s what we love about our job as ABA providers in Gainesville, VA! The first step is for a BCBA to assess your child and to get to know their strengths, likes, and interests. Then we create personalized programs that will address your child’s individual needs and incorporate their interests and important growth points. Through our ABA therapy in Gainesville we help to create a more rewarding life for your child, your family, and you.

Let Liam’s Chance be your ABA provider in Gainesville, VA. Our team is eager to bring the principles and successes of ABA to your home and to grow with your child. Contact us today for your initial phone assessment or complete our online contact form to schedule your in-home assessment. We look forward to working with you and your child and bringing the world of ABA therapy to Gainesville, VA!